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Changes in the marketplace and technology growth have made Project Management a necessity and indispensable for execution of modern projects. The staff of Arrowhead System Engineering has been involved in Program Management and Technical Management since the mid 1980´s. This staff has demonstrated success in leading and developing cross-functional team at multiple sites around the United States. Experience also demonstrated both technically and business savvy with a passion for helping people grow. The staff is motivated for success with experience running large complex organizations in engineering, program management, product management, supply chain and marketing. Successful Project Management can be defined as having achieved the project objectives:

  • Within time
  • Within cost
  • At the desired performance/technology level
  • Utilizing the assigned resources effectively and efficiently.

Arrowhead System Engineering Chief Architect lead the Industry Technology Group for the Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) in addition to being the industry representative to the NASA SLEP technology team. An over 98 percent on-time success rate for managed projects was enabled by being able to see the big picture and also understanding the finer points of planning, analytics, data and process. As part of site leadership for a fortune 100 company, the company founder was instrumental in the strategic planning process: providing guidance, advice and input into the organization´s ability to realize those strategies through investment appraisals, prioritization, and resource planning. Project and Technical management skills highlight are based on what our prior success. Over three decades of experience working in fast paced, high- profile aerospace industry provide the following demonstrated skills in:

  • Planning: WBS, Gantt, PIDs
  • Risk Management
  • Issues
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Communications
  • Reporting
  • Budgets and Financial Accountability
  • Resource Management
  • Leadership and Vision
  • Research and Development Management
  • Technical Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Interface for Initial Requirements
  • Organizational Design for Success
  • PM and Engineering Processes
  • Export Licensing and ITAR
  • Production readiness & SIOP

The following Relevant Project experience within Arrowhead System Engineering demonstrates the depth of management experience and where that experience was gained.

Chief Engineer; Human Space Business:

  • Orion Data, GN&C, and Display Systems
  • SLS GN&C and Engine Controller
  • CSSS Spacesuit command, control, monitor, and communication system
  • Commercial Crew Vehicle data and GN&C systems
  • ALTAIR Lunar Lander Data, GN&C, Display, and Communication system
  • SLI/CEV data system eventually adopted for the MSCV (Orion).
  • MADS data system to replace the tape recorder on shuttle vehicles

Technical Director; Space projects - $10M to $100M:

  • Next Generation Reaction Wheel Assembly and Control Moment Gyroscope architecture
  • Magnetic suspension control system architecture for Control Moment Gyroscope
  • Development of the Standard HR14 Reaction Wheel
  • Technology phase of the next generation "VanGoug" Control Moment Gyroscope
  • Technical Director of the Magnetic Control Momemt Gyroscope Development
  • Technical Director for the Enhanced Muntiplexer/Demultiplexer (MDM)for the Solid Rocket Booster
  • Technical Director for the development of all Gate Array and Hybrid components for the Endevour Space Shuttle Orbiter replacement
  • Technical Director for Processor based Payload MDM (Flexible MDM) including Operating System used for Enhanced MDM Pallet and Hitchhiker-H (SPAH Appendix E and F)