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Arrowhead System Engineering offers consulting and project execution specializing in System Engineering, Avionics, Architecture, Data Management Systems, and Momentum Control systems. The company founder has four decades of expertise in space systems with on-orbit deployment of fault-tolerance, system architectures, communications protocols, space environments special parts & material, along with extensive experience with government & aerospace development processes from the late 1970s. Experience is available in product line development with strategic growth for product area teams consisting of engineering, program management, product assurance, supply chain, and business development.

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System Architecture

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Data Systems

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Momentum Systems

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Program and Technical Management

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As implied by the name, Arrowhead System Engineering provides services covering three System Engineering disciplines:

  1. Architecture Definition;
  2. Requirements Development, Traceability, and Management;
  3. Technical Planning, Execution, and Management

Architecture definition is the process and methods for decomposing system requirements into a final implementation and providing the traceability to the verification and validation to assure a successful system implementation.

Additionally, learning sessions relating to the engineering process and the Department of Defense Architectural Framework (DoDAF) are offered in a classroom environment or as a....

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Arrowhead System Engineering specializes in real time data systems, with unique expertise in fault tolerant systems.

Advances in electronics over the past half century have produced major improvements in the power and flexibility of personal computer systems. In general, current avionics systems for space applications typically have not leveraged these COTS advantages. Recently, there has been a trend toward utilization of commercial bus interconnects, primarily VME, cPCI, PCIe, and VPX. Communication lines have migrated to from 1553B to SpaceWire and Ethernet (including AFDX and Time Triggered Ethernet) high speed interconnect. New concepts featuring Flight Computers derived from commercial airline applications and embedded FPGA processing....

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Arrowhead System Engineering offers expert consulting relating to sensors and effectors relating to momentum control of satellites.

Services include establishing sizing and performance requirements for inertial measurement, star trackers, sun sensor, reaction wheels, and Control Moment Gyroscopes (CMGs). Included in this knowledge base is a detailed understanding of singularity sizing and singularity avoidance. Also provided is a years of experience with induced vibration, balance, and bearing performance. Also included in Momentum Control expertice is control law implementation from performance requiremens, to functional requirements, to architectural implementation. A working knowelege of control bandwidth to sampling rate along with impact of .....

Detailed Text For Service: Architecture

Arrowhead System Engineering offers expert consulting relating to sensors and effectors relating to momentum control of satellites.

Changes in the marketplace and technology growth have made Project Management a requirement for execution of modern projects. The staff of Arrowhead System Engineering has been involved in Program Management and Technical Management since the mid 1980´s. This staff has demonstrated success in leading and developing cross-functional team at multiple sites around the United States. Experience also demonstrated both technically and business savvy with a passion for helping people grow. The staff is motivated for success with experience running large complex organizations in engineering, program management, product.....

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