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Innovative multi-disciplinary business and technology leader specializing in system engineering and avionics architecture. Award winning product development leadership and execution of multi-discipline systems and products including avionics architecture, data management systems, and momentum control systems. In-depth knowledge of systems, hardware, software, and test engineering with a proven track record of innovation with superior schedule and cost performance. Four decades of expertise in space systems with on-orbit deployment of fault-tolerance, system architectures, communications protocols, space environments special parts and material, along with extensive experience with government and aerospace development processes. This capability base is supported with demonstrated customer delivery, leadership, and project management experience with local and global teams. System architecture and technical design is backed up with a foundation of practical experience and knowledge of production and manufacturing gained from deployment of over 10 unique on-orbit deployed systems. Mr. Fletcher holds a special access and DOD clearance, has over 20 patents, and is a certified Green Belt for Growth.

"Technically and business savvy with a passion for developing solutions to forward focused systems. Highly motivated for success with experience product line development and strategic growth for product area team of engineering, program management, product assurance, supply chain, and business development. Proven demonstrated skills in:

  • Aerospace Avionics System Architecture
  • Fault Tolerant Systems
  • CandDH, GNandC, and Mechanical Systems
  • DoDAF System Engineering Process
  • Project Planning andRequirements Development
  • Multi-chip Hybrid Microelectronics
  • Space Requirements and Associated Analysis
  • Large System Development and Research Project Management
  • Technical Sales and Product Development
  • Strategic Planning and Marketing
  • Customer Interface - Initial Requirements
  • Export Control and EAR/ITAR

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